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We are often asked the difference between Pilates and Yoga. It is enormously contentious and we could try and duck the issue by referring you to the British National Health Service web site which attempts to answer this question. But that would not be appropriate so here we go.

When Jeannie Stein wrote an article in the Los Angeles Times on the differences between Yoga and Pilates. To aid her readers decide which to do. She received a rebuttal from Mary Bowen one of the Pilates elders (a title that indicates a very senior and highly respected instructor - in Japan she would be a living national treasure).

Jon Burras has also written on the differencs in an article titled Pilates is not Yoga but from the perspective of a Yoga practioner.

Oprah has on her web site an article titled "Is Yoga or Pilates better for you?".

Even the National Health Service (UK) has tried to differentiate between Yoga and Pilates with a web page titled "A Guide to Pilates".


For us its like the difference between chocolate ice cream with nuts and banana ice cream with maple syrup (the lactose and nut intolerant please forgive the metaphor). Surely, the important issue is that we like ice cream.

So it is with Yoga and Pilates; the important issue is that we are seeking to maintain our body in a manner that promotes our well being and health. And we believe that both Pilates and Yoga can achieve this. Some people will prefer chocolate ice cream, sorry Yoga, and others banana, Pilates.

Our instructors often do classes in the other discipline for fun and to broaden their perspective; but they never loose sight of the fact whether its Yoga or Pilates that they are fundamentally seeking to maintain their bodies.

There are many similarities between the two disciplines.


Detailed here are pictures of Yoga and Pilates exercises that you will do in our classes.