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Whether, your Pilates instructor follows a regime that comprises five or six basic principles; the fact of the matter is that those principles will be at the core of the exercises you follow. Some weeks one particular principle will take "centre stage" and the next week another. But they will always all be there supporting you.

In his books Pilates' did not set out the principles of the exercises we do now. These have been evolved by later instructors, some taught by the Pilates'. So within the Pilates community there is a lively discussion as to how many principles there are, for example Stott Pilates has five and Body Lines Pilates has six; also the ordering of the principles, and the words used to describe movements/concepts are different.
But at the core of all good Pilates instruction are the principles, however many there are and precisely what we call them.
Central to Pilates, and the stability of your torso, is core strength. As you progress with your Pilates your core strength will increase, this will cause your torso to be properly stabilised, correcting posture and relieving pressure on the back.


Your class will be based around one of the contemporary forms of Pilates, because we believe that we should take advantage of all the modern advances and data available to us since Pilates death. We want to impart the spirit of the Pilates' within a modern framework that is alive and receptive to new data and advances in technology. Our instructors will help you to concentrate fully as you proceed through the class. Full concentration and practice will enable you to gain full muscular control of your body. With concentraition and control you will bring the focus of your exercises to the center of your body.

We will demonstrate the positions and alignments required; as you become more experienced your ability to precisely control your body will increase. We always emphasize the precision of each part of each exercise.

Pilates exercises are normally coordinated precisely with full breathing - breath. Using your lungs like bellows to push air strongly in and out of your body is an important part of Pilates.

Pilates exercises involve your body moving elegantly from one position to another; the exercises flow.


* Small Class size means that your progress will be monitored and allowances made for any problems you have.

* You pay for one class at a time.

* We are running safety health measures like 2 m separation to protect you.


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